How to Improve Your English

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful and Peace be upon you.

 I found an article in my exam paper 'bout teenager depression. Do you know? I think the sentences in the article on this site is much more simple than the article in my exam paper :< but my friend, HaHa and JiJi disagreed with me. Well, I'm not good in English, can't even speak the language fluently and can't get well in English lessons. However, I will try to improve it with my own way. So, the only way to improve my English is just that I need to read more English books or novels.
   What my teacher teaches me to improve my English is you need to do this three tips. Firstly, read something in English such as newspapers, books, novels, articles and also your favourite magazines. As for myself, I love to read fan-fiction and manga. It's hard to find manga in Malay language and I had to push myself to read manga especially naruto manga. And I always read fan-fiction in Indonesian and English. Even though there are typing errors and the author wrote in short forms, i can learn something from it. At first it's really hard for me but as time passes, it will only just confuse me sometimes.
   Next, think in english. I think it not that hard to uols. Just think anything in english. Like "I (wonder/think/must)" or others. Finally, talk in english. Yeah, its kind of hard to me. Even now I cant speak english fluently. Hmm so sad :( You know? I always think in english before I want to speak english.but everytimes I want to spoke, all the words that I create in my mind is GONE. urgh,bl**dy h*ll! I'm very frustrated ok!
   I want to add some tips too ;) please take a note ok? haha just a  joke..ok I'm serious. First, watch English movie with English subtitles and maximized the volume! This way you can learn much more easily. Second, read the lyrics of your favourite songs and find the meanings. Don't just sing without you knowing its meanings. This two tips can improve your listening skills. Then, make your own journal that anyone can read it. You can tell your secret that you think its okay for anyone to know 'bout it. Lastly, make one book for vocabulary/glossary. Write down the words that you don't understand. Make sure you remember it well so you don't need to look after it when you found the same word again. You just make your vocab book like a dictionary. The difference between them are just the thickness and the contents of the books and it can be carrried everywhere.
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