Lemon Sorbet Recipe

Konichiwa minna-san! Today is Wednesday(readers:I know it,so?-,-)Well,tomorrow is Thursday(readers:what you want? 3/  )(anmuy:well, I just remind it :p)
Ok,stop it.Today I want share lemon sorbet recipe to you allz.Nyum~Nyum ^0^

Ingredients:  -1/2 litre syrup base
                    -300 g lemon juice

Method:  -prepare all ingredients
               -whisk the lemon juice with the syrup base
               -pour the preparation into the bowl of your ice cream machine
               -seal the sorbet for 20-30min
               -remove the engine compartment
               -with a spatula,scrape the sorbet from the impeller
               -place into shallow dish and store in your freezer until ready to serve.
Tada,here we go!
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