Nobody's Perfect

everybody in the world
wants to be PERFECT.
who don't want to?
but always bear in mind,
we CAN'T be perfect.

just take a look on this...

WARS occur on this planet earth,
though people always remind
themselves to love each other.
like in the 'tell me why' song
sang by declan galbraith.
click here to hear the song


wanna look young though you're old?
some people do plastic surgery,
just to look like what they want.
but the side effect? they will to take
the risk.what a pity i have to say this.
soon, you will die and that 'stuff' will
not bring you to the heaven.

a billionaire?
you'll feel unsafe,
thinking where you want
to put all your money,
afraid of robbers.

mmm, what about being
a genius?
you'll spend most of your
time in front of the thick books,
reading, or maybe in front of the
laptop, buzy doing your 'genius' stuff.
but one thing, you always keep
yourself away from the crowds.
they can be either your friends
or your own parents.
so, does this means you are
perfect? being such a genius,
but not socialize with the people.
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